Since Wise has started their operations, Wise has worked with the largest Enterprises, delivering solutions that are necessary to run the business on the transaction, consolidation, and Strategic Management Levels, namely delivering the following solutions:

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Bring Your Business under Control

ERP's true ambition is to integrate all departments and functions across a company into a single computer system that can serve all different departments' particular needs.

Automate Your Business Process

Enterprise Resource Planning Solution is a fully integrated set of business applications that allows you to automate and manage core business activities such as distribution, purchasing, inventory, customer service, sales, marketing, accounting and human resources. ERP is particularly valuable in back office and finance operations, streamlining the disparate systems used throughout your company into a single business system based on a single technology foundation.

Make Full Use of Your Company’s Data

The ERP solutions deliver timely, accurate and relevant information to decision makers in your organization ensuring accurate planning, forecasting and a targeted use of resources. By gathering your company’s business critical information in one comprehensive ‘pool’ - a single data model - ERP integrates all divisions of your business, ensuring that they operate according to the same set of business data. Through ERP, company information is disseminated, and shared, in a format tailored to meet the respective needs of each business division. Wise is partnering with Oracle and Microsoft to offer the best ERP solutions through Oracle e-business and Microsoft Great Plains.

Improve the Efficiency of Your Business

By allowing immediate access to accurate information, ERP helps you to improve the efficiency and productivity of your business process. Lower administration costs, swift internal decision-making and targeted use of resources, will inevitably improve the customer service you deliver.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Enhance Your ‘Share-of-Customer’

CRM is an integrated approach to identify, acquire and retain customers. Enabling organizations to manage & coordinate customer interactions across multiple channels.

Enhance Your ‘Share-of-Customer’

The relentless economics of customer retention today, means your business is in constant competition to extend its client base and optimize the profitability of existing customers. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a set of customer centric business methodologies and systems that enable the acquisition and deployment of valuable knowledge about your clients. By helping you know your clientele better, CRM allows you to sell your products and services more effectively. CRM boosts the profitability of your existing customer base, by enhancing your ‘share-of-customer’, not just your ‘share of market’. As such, it is an invaluable tool for planning marketing campaigns and formulating business strategy.

Know you’re Customer Better

The CRM process is often referred to as a cycle because systems and methodologies deployed are repeatable to ensure a continuous improvement in results. Our CRM solutions begin with an assessment phase: we guide you through this technology intensive stage, offering you the tools to gather and analyze data on customer habits and attributes, and develop a behavioral model for your client base. For accuracy, this process must include customer interaction: our CRM systems include an enabling network of “touch points” by which your company can establish and maintain long-lasting and mutually beneficial interactive relationships with your client base. The data gathered is used in the planning phase where marketing campaigns and strategies are devised. The final stage of CRM is execution: here campaigns are implemented and the results of these carefully tracked using state-of-the-art technology. We offer CRM solutions based on Oracle and Microsoft.

Manage Your Business Processes Effectively

CRM solutions help you sift through mountains of data to extract essential information on customers. CRM combines a range of technologies - from data warehousing and parallel computing, to OLAP, data mining and associated technologies – to enable you to reach out to your customer base in new and improved ways, integrating new channels of communication and distribution into your business process.

Data Warehousing (DW)

Keep Sight of the ‘Big Picture’

Incomplete company performance picture hampers your overall decision-making process. By delivering a comprehensive and up-to-date ‘business picture’, Data Warehousing Solution helps decision makers at all levels of your organization make immediate and localized decisions. Providing consistent information in a format tailored to the needs of each division, Data Warehousing helps employees build accurate prediction models to forecast and plan for market changes.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Plan & Control your Resources

Asset management is the systematic planning and control of a physical resource throughout its life. This may include the specification, design, and construction of the asset, its operation, maintenance and modification while in use, and its disposal when no longer required.

Document Management System (DMS)

Sharing your Information Effectively

Document Management System (DMS) is an indexing system used to describe your electronic files that might be scanned images, word processing files, spreadsheets, etc


In this modern age, information management is becoming the main trend, controlling the different currents of life and business. It has become the backbone of successful companies all over the world. Yet, most organizations' ability to create information documents exceeds by far their ability to manage and control them. Such a challenge strikes at the core of competition among worldwide organizations. Through our document management system, you can achieve this goal.

Business Intelligence (BI)

The Right Decision at the Right Time

In today’s business, decision making is based on accurate, up-to-date and complete information. Most businesses collect a lot of important business data that they never use, or even more, managers and executives who have the ability to take data and turn it into competitive advantage cannot get the level of access they need.


A business performance monitoring and planning system is a kind of a decision support system that will enable top and middle management to have an overall view for corporate performance and activities, and get the maximum use of the rapidly changing data in a prompt and simple manner. It can also be used as a basis to build a prediction model for business aspect and market changes.

Apply Intelligence to Your Best Advantage

In partnership with industry giants like, Business Objects, Oracle and Microsoft; Wise designs and implements Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions that allow secure access and sharing of vital information throughout your organization. A data warehouse acts as a central repository for data collected from the different departments of your organization. Data from online applications is extracted and organized into this repository. The result is a holistic and unrestricted ‘picture’ of business activities –such as customer behavior, resource allocation, marketing, finance or shipping –accessible through intranet, from the work group to the enterprise, or through the extranet, by customers, partners or suppliers. By capturing information from diverse sources into a central pool, this solution uncovers hidden relationships across your corporate divisions and gives access to previously underutilized data.

React at the Speed of Business

BI solutions replace human driven and obsolete paper-based systems. Companies depending for their data, on distributed information, manually collected to create fixed business reports, cannot react with sufficient speed to rapid changes in business environment or customers. By automating your business processes, BI solutions improve the operational efficiency, value and analytical capabilities of your corporate systems.

Enterprise Architecture Solutions (EAS)

Discover the power of the Enterprise Architecture solutions

Enterprise architecture is a key enabler of the rapid and positive response that organizations need when they grow, or adapt to a new set of circumstances or unexpected advances in technology. Having an accurate representation of operational and systems architecture -- and how it will react to change -- can make the difference between an organization that emerges stronger when change occurs, and one that sinks in its complications.


Wise brings a comprehensive and powerful modeling solution designed to provide all the tools necessary for the development of successful enterprise systems.