Wise Consulting differentiates itself by delivering a complete Three Dimensional services “Cube of Services” to its clients spanning the lifetime of Application Services. With extensive experience across diverse industries, enterprise functions, and top notch certified calibers, all multilingual and of native Arabic tongue, Wise provides a comprehensive portfolio of application services to our customers; starting from solution selection, over implementation & upgrade, operation & maintenance, to post implementation support, reviews, and enhancements.

“Cube of Services” structure has THREE Dimensions
Dimension ONE focuses on IT consulting services like IT advisory Services, Project Management, Implementation Services, Outsourcing Services, Upgrades, and Support.
Dimension TWO focuses on industry specific solutions like Public Sector, Oil & Gas, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Real Estate and Manufacturing.
Dimension THREE focuses on Enterprise products like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Intelligence (BI), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), and Data Warehousing (DW).

IT Advisory Services

With the expansive applications landscapes becoming increasingly complex and business processes becoming more challenging & completely reliant on IT, companies will need a new complete IT system or an extension to their already installed systems. The key to choose relies on defining business requirements.


Wise Consulting is your partner of choice to complete this most critical phase successfully, revitalize IT as a source of business innovation and differentiation hence become more competitive. Our advisory services will help you properly identify your business needs and select the most efficient & effective, yet cost saving IT Solution for your organization. This service would include IT Strategy, Business Process Reengineering, Project Management, Project Management Office, and System Selections.

Implementation Services

Wise has become one of the strategic business partners of Oracle in the Middle East and North Africa region. Within the next five years Wise is planning to be the largest and one of the most recognized Arabic Consulting Partner of Oracle in the region. Its knowledge and experience in Oracle Applications projects, yields a unique understanding of customer needs and allows it to tailor cost-effective solutions to address those needs.


Wise is the right business regional partner who has the ability to provide a wide range of solutions supporting your current and future business operations. Our thorough knowledge of the product suite is complementing our deep domain experience to satisfy our customer’s diverse needs within all aspects of the implementation services starting from gathering the business requirements, setting the solution design based on the best practices, till the system is built, tested, and deployed on production.


Furthermore, we have a proven powerful offshore delivery model, to provide timely, cost effective and high quality solutions for our clients; especially for the application customization services. In order to fulfill any might-occurring unsupported business requirements, Wise has got unique Solutions Integration, and Product Customization Team, in order to streamline & provide complete end-to-end solutions to our customers.

Outsourcing Services

As the world of IT requirements rapidly changes, meeting business goals requires flexible models that secure the right balance of talent and expertise. In order to adapt to these critical demands, customers sometimes reach the point where spending on IT development is less important than what they use it for.


With over extensive experience and a powerful workforce of Multilingual certified applications and technology professionals, we are proud to offer this outsourcing service for our customers in order to enable them to draw on the right mix of resources, while reducing their IT development cost structure. Our customers will benefit from having “Ready Skilled” IT staff for the different roles within their organization, while having the opportunity for “on-Job learning” for their own IT staff.

Upgrade Services

“Avoid Risk of Non Compliance, Low Performance, and Threat of System Failure, and Maximize your Benefits of Using Newly Introduced Features” Wise upgrade model, irrespective of Enterprise Application domain, has been developed in order to facilitate seamless and safe upgrade of the entire application environments ‘without’ adversely affecting any business processes. Based on Wise experience & proven track record of successful upgrade Implementations, Wise has developed a flexible and scalable process, for the upgrade life cycle for projects of varied sizes that would involve both our functional & technical experts.

Our upgrade services would include:

  • Plan and Readiness Assessment
  • Upgrade Testing Environment
  • Training and Testing
  • Upgrade Production Environment
  • Post Upgrade Support

Support Services

Building on its strong track record in Enterprise Solutions implementations, Wise introduces support services to maintain and sustain a cost effective, healthy and up to date application, technology and human capital infrastructure for production state customers. Wise Support Services provides your organization with Rapid response, training, workshop, online support, remote trouble shooting and onsite support. Wise Support services offer your organization all these services and more. The service is provided as a standard package or customized to your need.